Divine Chaos // Teen Wolf

Divine Chaos // Teen Wolf

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Isaac-Derek-Stiles By Isaac-Derek-Stiles Completed

Erin finally knows what she is, a Nephalem. But, she has no idea how to control it or when her dark side will show through, her demon side. She and Isaac are now omegas, Derek is no longer an alpha and he and Peter have gone missing. (Luckily Scott is an alpha now but he won't be much help because of what's been happening with him.) The darkness only grew, making Erin's fear even worse. She'll try her hardest to hold it all in but when the time comes, will she do what she dreads the most? Will she hurt her friends, or her new family? 

The darkness is no longer coming and going. It's staying, and it's bringing chaos with it.


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voidobrien voidobrien Oct 15, 2014
i love this!! you mind reading my fanfic and voting it? thanks if you could!