Master. // larry au (boyxboy)

Master. // larry au (boyxboy)

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tropicalmuke By tropicalmuke Updated Oct 11, 2015

Harry has been homeless since he was fourteen years old. He's been in and out of homeless shelters and foster homes, but nothing ever seems to work out. That's why it seems like a miracle when a nice man named Louis Tomlinson finds the seventeen year old on the streets and offers to let him stay with him for a while.

Harry is ecstatic. It seems like things have finally turned around. That is, until he wakes up handcuffed to a bed, naked, with the man smirking down at him.

"Welcome home, Harry. I hope you'll be comfortable here. And if you aren't, well, too bad. You're mine now, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Harry whimpers and cries and struggles against the handcuffs until he submits to sleep. Later that night, Harry finds out that he has been tricked into becoming a slave. A sex slave.

EatShitModest EatShitModest Oct 13, 2016
Oh honey, there are so many things that must not be said we would do to be like you.
sybelle96 sybelle96 Feb 04
Dude if Dean Winchester (not Jensen Ackles)  wanted me as a slave hell fuckinng yessss
MultifandomRose MultifandomRose Dec 16, 2016
                              That's what you just called someone that never had sęx
sybelle96 sybelle96 Feb 04
I will hit you a fooking frying pan mate or better yet a horse encyclopedia!!!
MultifandomRose MultifandomRose Dec 16, 2016
*runs into book and runs into room*
                              *rushes him out of room*
                              GET AWAY LOUIS
Thick thighs * 
                              *fake cries * 
                              Bish you can't just disrespect his thighs like that