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Strangers of the Stars

Strangers of the Stars

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I walked over to the bed and picked up my jacket. I reached down and pulled out my pocket knife. There has to be blood on those sheets or we will be in big trouble. I put the pocket knife on my left arm, and cut open a big enough cut that blood comes out quickly. I was too busy with getting my blood on the sheets to notice Hager has got out of the bathroom. But she let out a loud shriek, I stood up and ran to her. I clammed my hand over her mouth. 

"Shhh." I said. "Its okay."

"Wh...what are you doing?" She choked out.

"There has to be blood on those sheets. And we are not having sex." I watched the different emotions play on Hager's face.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because you're not ready."

She just nodded. Then she looked at the sheets and my hand. "Um... I think that enough blood, right?" She pointed to the big blotch on the white sheets.

I nodded.

"Ok. Sit down on the couch." She took the knife from my hands and lead me to the couch.

"Hager, its ok. I can take care of this myself."

"No. Sit down." She said, firmly.

I chuckled and sat down. She went into the bathroom and got a first-aid kit. She walked over to me and sat on the couch next to me.

She took my hand and began to clean it. "You have to stay still, Hassan." I nodded. The alcohol stung a bit but I held still.

As she cleaned my wound, I took this time to really look at her. She changed into my shirt which reached to her knee, and no pants. She had nice long legs and white matched her a lot. She looked beautiful with her long black hair in a ponytail. She left the top buttons unbuttoned so when she leans in I could see what she's wearing underneath. Damn, not having sex is gonna be harder than I thought.

"Ok." My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of her voice. "I'm done."

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RadiaPoems_Thoughts RadiaPoems_Thoughts Jan 24, 2016
Wow eleven years old when you start to write this story. Amazing.. well let's start to read...
The_WorldBreaker The_WorldBreaker Nov 10, 2015
This story's summary was all that had me wanted to know the face behind the words. I'm sure to vote each chapter here before I read, because its bound to beyond just a beautiful trip within.
VoldiesLilWhhoreCrux VoldiesLilWhhoreCrux Aug 15, 2015
Thank u ^.^ You to. Lol I'm a Muzzie to!
                              (Idek...New Yorkers here call us Muzzies)
simplyunfazed simplyunfazed Jun 23, 2015
This is the book I was talking of @Divergent110 
                              U should read it
sugar-n-spicee sugar-n-spicee Mar 01, 2015
I've heard reading romance books is haram because it counts as zina and fitnah. I'm not really sure tho but an explanation would be gladly appreciated!
young_muslim101 young_muslim101 Jan 20, 2015
So true stillateenager doesn't matter UR age if ur story is have as good as UR authors note then UR on the right path