Not a Chance, Perfect Boys (Vocaloid Boys x Reader story)

Not a Chance, Perfect Boys (Vocaloid Boys x Reader story)

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Maeruki By flameprincess8 Updated May 14, 2015


"Do you wanna go on a date with me?" Is a statement I hear from a lot of guys, particularly from 3 Popular players. 

Kaito Shion

Gakupo Kamui

Len Kagamine

But that's not all of them, there are others too, but they're the most frequent.

And every single time, my answer is...

"Not a Chance, Perfect Boys"

        ~~~~~~authors note~~~

Hiya my marshmallows, im gonna try to do an actual story, with a definite plot. Don't worry, i'll still do the Youtubers x Reader. If i can't keep up, i'll need your support during writer's block and all that. please upport my journey in making this and Youtubers x Reader Imagines.

arigato gosaimasu minna!!


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YoongisGhost YoongisGhost Mar 09, 2017
I made an inhumanly sound when I saw this and almost broke my screen clicking
MamaLacie MamaLacie May 07, 2017
I'm famous for being a heart breaker in my school, and I absolutely hate it
Im brining sexy back 
                              But others boys dont know how to act
OozoraHime OozoraHime Aug 01, 2017
Mother: darling!!!
                              Me: Yesssssss^w^
                              Mother: Can you get me some 'Spice!'
                              Me: o_o WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU!!!!!!
Pink_Is_Falling Pink_Is_Falling Apr 22, 2017
Im popular...? Wow.. i am always a loner ;^;. No one loves me on schooolll
TKSans TKSans Feb 13
                              BEST IN BED (expecting that on gakupo i don't know why i just hate him)
                              LADIES MAN?!
                              ONE HELL OF A KISSER?!
                              WHAT THE HELL BOYS I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL (except for gakupo)GOOD?!