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***WARNING- Contains explicit sexual content***

Amelia O'Connell is not a woman who's used to taking no for an answer. If she was, she wouldn't be newly employed at Serendipity Architects or moving into her new Los Angeles apartment. Amelia's good at what she does, which is why she knows she can handle the project her boss throws on her desk. It's a career-maker, this project. 

All she has to do is remodel a porn studio owned by Tate Sebastian, the infamous ex-porn star, gorgeous billionaire, and Amelia's worst nightmare. 

Amelia knows Tate Sebastian didn't amass an empire by playing nice. Every risk is calculated, every move choreographed. He maintains an impeccable professional life at the cost of his personal life.

A "no" from him can destroy her before she's off the ground. But Tate wants more from her than a job. 

 Amelia's hiding something that could unhinge everything she's worked for. As for Tate, he's got too many skeletons rattling in his closet to let someone get close. 

Rebuilding is what Amelia does best...but can she fix what's broken in Tate Sebastian?

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I've read this twice now. Anticipating every chapter you produce which never fails to captivate me. Gonna start re-reading this for the 3rd time and praying for more updates ^_^
musicmakesmeeee musicmakesmeeee May 29, 2016
Just because someone takes steroids, it doesnt meam their muscles are fake.  It's still real muscle......