Lucy the Dragon slayer

Lucy the Dragon slayer

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MissKaiilily By MissKaiilily Updated Jul 31

In Malognia, you can see people in the street, people talking,

cat flying, people eating fire and metal...

Wait a minute...


What the hell?!?! 

Oh, yes Magnolia is a town of magic

even thought a cat flying and a person eating fire and such thing is really special.

So let's enter in the story. 

A young boy,Natsu Dragneel, with pink hair ( HEY!!! It's salmon. - Yeah yeah whatever you say) a white and long scarf just got of the train.

- Thanks God!! Finaly off this damn train ... Wow! It's so big i'm going to get lost! maybe I should ask where is fairy tail , wonder natsu.

Natsu now walk out of the train station and suddenly he heard some loud noises.

What is this? If  I go someone can maybe tell me how to go in the guild!!

"Hey! excuse me what's goin' on?"ask natsu to a girl

" Well, there is a famous mage of Fairy tail!! Plus! This person is the strongest mage in the world!" she answer

"oh ok thanks!" with that our little ...

Ender_Amos Ender_Amos Jun 15
Don't mind me, I'm just eating my daily dose of fire, no biggie.
Instead of natsu bringing lucy to the guild,Lucy is bringing natsu to the guild
Well she must be related to