Are you already regretting  rejecting me

Are you already regretting rejecting me

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Emi By Emileny30 Updated Oct 20, 2014

" i alpha blake stone reject you Andrea hardwood as my mate and Luna of the Red Lake Pack"

"Wha-a-WHAT!" How dare he reject me my wolf anna growled 

"You heard me! i reject you-- you are weak, pathetic, waste of space, ugly, fat, and useless... The fates must be playing a trick because you would never be my mate... My mate has to be beautiful, strong, smart, and you are the total opposite of that" ok that did it.. If he thinks i will cry and beg him to say it was a joke then he is totally wrong because i am so done being the weak girl that got pushed around

Pls don't tell me out of all that just happened that's the only thing u care about
its_giona its_giona Jan 01
BTW I'm pretty sure third in command of a pack is called a gamma or something like that
badbitch11 badbitch11 Jun 17, 2016
Yass if u said that with a look that my profile pic have that would be awesome
natali22234lol natali22234lol Jun 20, 2016
not to sound rude but I was just wondering  how did she get overweight  maybe baby fat lol just asking 😆😂
ccstenn ccstenn Nov 03, 2016