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Not just A Guy, A Markiplier X Reader Fanfic

Not just A Guy, A Markiplier X Reader Fanfic

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No_Thnks_Pete By No_Thnks_Pete Updated May 13, 2016

Hello! everyone! Thank you for reading my first fan-fiction. I have written in real life before and my friends say I'm pretty good so I decided to take it to wattpad! Please only nice comments no one is perfect, so yeah onto the back story shall we!!

Here's alittle key to help you before I start:
[F/N] [L/ N] - First name/ Last Name
[H/C] - Hair color
[E/C] - Eye color
[F/S] - Favorite Show
[F/B] - Favorite band
[YC] - Youtube channel name
[B/GF] - Best Girl friend
[B/BF] - Best Boyfriend
Ok so that's pretty much it for that so yeah! ^.^

My name is [F/N] [L/N] my mom died in a car accident when she was picking me up from a friends house when I was in my early teens, I was around 14 or so? That period in my life was dark, I rejected everyone, turning away when my father started abusing me blaming me for my mothers death. I started my YouTube channel,[YC] when I was 16 and shared my story with the world after putting up with 2 years of my fathers abuse. One day after seeing I had reac...

66wolfy66 66wolfy66 Sep 07, 2016
That's the only bring me to the good parts that's why they're the best
Yani-Chan-Cookies Yani-Chan-Cookies Nov 20, 2016
Ohio is nice for that... It's very just quiet. No one really is in each others business. Except old people and Facebook users.
Ok so
                              Green or blue
                              Uhh fairy tail
                              Secured info
66wolfy66 66wolfy66 Sep 07, 2016
After I read this I ran around my house like 5 minutes just screaming STUUUUURF
- - Oct 02, 2015
What does nice comments entail? Do sarcastic comments and constructive criticism counts as rude?
Faffacake Faffacake Sep 20, 2015
How can I hate chu? It's not even the second chapter yet! Haha!