The New Kid (Dylan O'Brien)

The New Kid (Dylan O'Brien)

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StilesStilinskisGirl By bunnnnnie Updated Sep 29, 2014


First day of school and you were all ready fed up with everyone. 

You were snapped out of your thoughts by a squeal from Y/F/N, "Omg Y/N I didn't see you all summer how was it?!"


"What why what happened?" She looked at me in a way intrigued. 

"It ended." 

"Omg Y/N you're so funny, well I have to go to third so catch ya later!"

The girls were horrible here they were all so full of themselves but apparently boys liked that in this school.

Walking to third period you accidently bumped into someone causing them to drop their books, as you tried to help him gather his stuff you saw him flinch everytime you came near him, why?

"Oh that's alright, I can pick my stuff up myself I'm used to people pushing me around no biggie", he hurriedly picked up what was left and rushed into the classroom you had to go to.

"Alright students, although the seating may change, I already made a seating chart so make sure to check and sit in your ass...

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ReneSofea ReneSofea Nov 21, 2017
I'll be like,
                              "Bitch? He's already mine. So, excuse me..*walks away while hugging Dyl*" #savageaf
Bich you ugly as hoe u better move out my way before your eyebrows slide off
Teenaturaldiaries02 Teenaturaldiaries02 Aug 10, 2017
                              THAT'S ATTRACTIVE RIGHT
stydiakisses1991 stydiakisses1991 Jul 13, 2016
I swear I'm going to use this the next time someone asks me that😂😂
stydiakisses1991 stydiakisses1991 Jul 13, 2016
Oh hęll no. Did she really just....hëll no. We about to fight
- - Feb 01, 2017
If people were picking on him, it's not really ideal to change him cuz of that... Plus what is there to fix?