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Esther Dibie By Estyshawl Completed

"What colour of panties are you wearing?"

"Excuse me?" She countered

"I won't repeat the question again"

"Red. They're red" she swallowed 

"Reach below your gown. Pull it. And hand it over to me"

"Why would you want it? It's just a piece of material" she faltered.

"They're yours. I want it simply because they're yours. You're aroused. So they're wet. They're going to be soaked with your juices. The very essence of you. I'm going to sniff it, lick it, all the while imagining that it's you, torturing myself until Saturday. The day I fuck you"

In this erotic romance, Raven Edens is forced to accept an offer, to save her family's life. She's been a good girl her whole life, always took responsibility, always did what was right. Until the day she finds out, her father sold her family to the devil. literally. And she's the one who has to pay.

These men were rich, ruthless, and fucking dangerous. If they wanted, they could make her entire family disappear from the face of the Earth. And to pay off her family's debts, she must give herself to the master, for 7 days, for he and the whole bloody organization to do whatever they wanted with her.
seemed a small price to pay, for the billions her father owed right? but does she come out of this, the same? 
7 days of the utimate sins. carnality was welcomed. Nothing was shunned out. Every fantasy, every desire was fed, explored, and she was the meal.

"7 days of the utmost sins. I'm terrified! I'm surrendering to the unknown. I've never done that before. I exist on control. And to unleash that to someone else, is devastating. I'm afraid my body's going to shatter, or war and say it has needs. I'm afraid I can't keep my body in a tight leash, and under control, after this. One thing's sure though. I'm never going to remain the same again. 

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! & EXPLICIT SEX SCENES! (Also, there may be lots of swearing, sexual coercion & public sexual displays!)