Would You Rather

Would You Rather

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Lady Wifi By Ajay2002 Updated 5 days ago

A whole story filled with 'Would You Rather' questions. 

I wonder what your answers are... And I WILL post my answers.

Some of these questions are based off of books. Mostly the Percy Jackson series.

I was going to say blind because I'm already short sighted... But when I think about it, I choose deaf because not being able to see things is hard but, not hearing would also be difficult but when have more technology for the deaf like subtitles and I wouldn't wasn't to have to stop reading books.
Deaf because I can watch stuff with subtitles, keep reading normally, and I live in a loud house.
Deaf cause no headaches and if ur  blind no coulors ☹️️❤️💛💚💙💜💖
Bald because it's happened to me before and though it wasn't pleasant, it's only temporary while wearing green is forever.
Bald, I'd just wear a hat or a wig until some hair grew back