Step Brother or More? // l.h.

Step Brother or More? // l.h.

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This is a story about a girl who lived with a boy all her life. Growing up they were always close.. Never did Maddie think she'd fall in love with her step brother.

***NOTE: This story will undergo some really big editing & changes in a couple of months.***

~Please forgive my horrible horrible grammar & writing, I wrote this when I was 13 & since then my writing has gotten better. That's what I personally think, but yeah. You've been warned!!!~

Isn't this your name :) if it is then it's cute, I've got nothing against it
Well if he try's to take the shirt off of me I'm killing him because I would be in my bra
At first I thought it said Mikey (like Michel from the band) I was like wtf😲
At first I read Mikey and I thought this was gonna be a Muke fanfic and ew
I have like 10 nirvana shirts and if my friends touch any of them I flip.... is that weird
TheSceneChick TheSceneChick Nov 18, 2015
OMG I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE NIRVANA!!!! haha and this is an excellent book so far even though it's just started