Let Me Just Double Check (Lashton AU)

Let Me Just Double Check (Lashton AU)

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❝No, it needs to be perfect.❞

❝I have to wash my hands again, one more time.❞

❝Let me just double check.❞

These are things Ashton says on a daily basis, having an extreme cause of OCD. And when he is roomed with Luke Hemmings in university, who's a gay slob that's overly energetic, he thinks life is trying to ruin everything for him. Especially when Luke has a need to always annoy him and cling to the boy, even though he's straight.

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I love that poetry slam above I don't even have to watch it to recognize it lol
trroyeee trroyeee Oct 30
u ppl r so strong...i had ALL (acute leukemia) and it was so hard but i couldn't imagine what u ppl go through...
I actually don't have maht hog diagnosed but I think i have some form of anxiety or attacks
Okay first time but I feel like I'm going to be in for it so badly oi
Same, these are exactly my thoughts on practically everything which is some what annoying but that's just how I am when it comes to life. I have extreme OCD and many other issues.
hey, no hate or anything but you can't be OCD. It's like someone saying 'you're bipolar' to me. I'm not bipolar, I have bipolar. He isn't OCD, he has OCD.