Let Me Just Double Check (Lashton AU)

Let Me Just Double Check (Lashton AU)

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❝No, it needs to be perfect.❞

❝I have to wash my hands again, one more time.❞

❝Let me just double check.❞

These are things Ashton says on a daily basis, having an extreme cause of OCD. And when he is roomed with Luke Hemmings in university, who's a gay slob that's overly energetic, he thinks life is trying to ruin everything for him. Especially when Luke has a need to always annoy him and cling to the boy, even though he's straight.

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Ugh I’ve seen that slam poem so many times and it always makes me cry
famyousuck famyousuck Sep 08
I don't have OCD but I need to clean my hands from time to time....but not too much tho.
Since everyone is listing there disorders I have severe anxiety, bi-polar depression, OCD, and insomnia.
I've never watched a video with so much emotion my heart 😍😢
famyousuck famyousuck Sep 08
I think I have some sort of depression..I don't cut but I know how people feel when they cut tho....😔
That was the best poetry video I have ever seen.  It truly hit my hard.