Lucky Clover [slash] [BoyxBoy]

Lucky Clover [slash] [BoyxBoy]

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*New description* 

 Everyone wishes for that one special someone, rather it be by shooting star or birthday candles. 
 For Henry Hope no wish had to be made, no prayer or dream; He's always had his lucky clover tucked snug in his pocket. 
Jimmy Clover; sweet, flirtatious, and in every possible way, in love with Henry. But Henry's love comes with a price. 
Secrets, lies, and girlfriends who unknowingly help hide Henry's love with Jimmy from his homophobic parents and school mates. 
But there's only so much a boy can take, and with his growing need to let the world see their love, Jimmy slowly drifts away. 
Will the two lovebirds make it to graduation - or even another week? 
Is Henry ready to share his Clover with the world, or will he slip from his fingers? 
Read to find out...

*Rated R for a reason; don't like hot boyxboy sex? Don't read* 

*Note, this is a side story,  but with that said you do not have to read TASMOB to read this, though there are few times were may get lost*

He is acting like a middle year school girl in a relationship.
ZeroDegreesF ZeroDegreesF Aug 21, 2016
Lmao over hw? Relax! Should have just gotten a calculator about 59 minutes ago when you realized that the math hw included square rooting thee digit numbers. Moron.
_69ShadesOfGay _69ShadesOfGay Jan 04, 2016
                              S O FUCKlNG S.
Molly562 Molly562 Oct 17, 2015
I want to read TASMOB but I can't find it in your published works section. Help please!
alaskathefantastic alaskathefantastic Aug 13, 2014
if this breaks my heart like TASMOB did ill find you okay because i dont think i could see little Jimmy fall apart