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Little Spark

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Nic Stone By TheActualNicStone Completed

One of the most *frequently asked questions* I get from readers of my published novels: "Was Dear Martin the first book you ever wrote?" The answer is no. Dear Martin was the third. The second (at long last!) will be published in Spring 2022, but the first will never see the light of day...

Or so I used to say. *Used to* because we are currently in the thick of a literal global pandemic. And we're bored. And trying to stay motivated/encouraged/hopeful, etc. etc. 

So here it is. Nic Stone's first EVER novel that wasn't supposed to see the light of day. Starting today, April 1st, 2020, I'll post a chapter a day for the next 50 days (you read that right; this joint is LONG) and will leave it up indefinitely. You will laugh--AT me, but also occasionally with me. You will roll your eyes. You will have moments when you wonder if *The Nic Stone* actually wrote this long and intensely tropey and cliche book. About a 16-year-old biracial girl who sometimes glows in the dark, and after the death of her mother, discovers not only some latent supernatural abilities, but a prophesied mission she'll need them for.

It is not professionally edited and is likely full of typos (though this was like the twelfth draft). It hasn't been beta-read and probably has some problematic rep in it. But my hope is that by posting it as-is, someone out there who doesn't feel *good enough* will see THIS starting point of a #1 New York Times bestseller and will be encouraged to get the story nagging at them down on paper. Even if it's never "published," there's no telling where it could lead. 

I hope you enjoy (or at least get a good laugh).

Thanks for reading!
Nic Stone