I fell in love with my gay bestfriend. Now i'm pregnant with his child!

I fell in love with my gay bestfriend. Now i'm pregnant with his child!

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My name is Abby and I'm going to tell you a story of me loving two guys and I get pregnant by one, but I don't know which one.

During middle school and freshman year of high school I was fat. My nick name was fatty Abby. Now I'm a size 12 and proud of it. Don't get me wrong I have those days that I'm self conscious of my appearance. I have a secret when I was fourteen my father raped me. I told my uncle who is a cop. I asked my uncle to make him disappear, not kill him, but make him go away and he did, but I still love my father for some reason. I didn't want my mom to know because it would have broken her heart.

    My life has gone on. I have a thing for two football players who happen to be my best friends. Tommy is my next door neighbor and he introduce me to the football team freshmen year and ever since they been my friends. We hang out every day and I'm their own personal cheer leader for every thing. Tommy is also quite, he keeps to himself like he has a secret to hide. He ...

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imortalslover123 imortalslover123 Apr 03, 2016
He has a short temper and he threw Abby on to the table and spilt her lip and forehead open.  I
RoxanneHalbleib RoxanneHalbleib Sep 07, 2016
He's a bruiser who needs anger management classes. I hope his behavior towards Abby improves.
QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Jun 19, 2015
that wasn't fighting it was protection me and my friend from a RAPIST! 
5Christy5 5Christy5 Mar 26, 2014
OMG!!!! Its totaly obvious that he likes her and is really pissed off! but hes only pissdd because he cares about Abby!^.^