R U M O R S  {{ Haikyuu x OC Fanfic | On Hiatus }}

R U M O R S {{ Haikyuu x OC Fanfic | On Hiatus }}

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erika By lacemalice Updated Jun 04, 2016

Rumors are terrible, nasty things. They spread like wildfire through whispers and quiet laughter. But you know they're not true. They're not. It's all bullshit made up to make you look bad. You've done things, sure, but not what they say. 

You realize later that the rumors about you have a way of becoming reality.

Noakui Resu has moved from school to school for years, getting dragged along by her two siblings. Karasuno High is her new location for her second year where she may actually be able to finish the term without another incident. What she doesn't know is that maybe, just maybe, this will be the school that changes her.

DISCLAIMER : I only own the story and my characters.

Well looks like we have another bitch to deal with later on in this story~
Why do I get reminded of me whenever my period is on and I'm in one of those moods...
Priorities. Don't mess up their face until you're able to get enough good grades... then mess 'me up.
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I don't know if I can really compare to her?!?
                              But.....SaME GURL SAME
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A iPhone? So you can wattpad? And contact me? So I can beat everyone's arses?
YES PLEASE. FINALLY, NOT A "a little bit. I'm not that good.." she says as she receives the ball and sends it arching into the volleyball basket 100 feet away like an ace. THANK YOU