Shredded :Saga: [ON HOLD]

Shredded :Saga: [ON HOLD]

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Beth Kei By XiLadyKei Updated Mar 09, 2015

Turns out there are super people with special powers and they are all tied into this one girl's life, Anna. Anna is an alien, she came to earth when she was a baby because her planet, Krypton, blew up in a devastating war. Her and two family members were sent to Earth to live safe lives. Unfortunately as she grew up, her parents made her believe she was a mutant. 

It was difficult for Anna, to grow up in a different world and find out you have abilities that you can't share with others. She figured she was alone, or so she thought. Anna grew up never grew up alone in her supernatural world, her siblings kept a close eye on her throughout her life. If they weren't watching, then an ally was.

She made many friends along the way. She also gained lifetime enemies. Who very often tried to kill her. 

From corruption to redemption, temptation to indulgence, plague to cure, life to death, selfish to selflessness.... Kryptonians bring the hope, the positive effect, and any darkness into the light.