I'm In Love With My Kidnapper

I'm In Love With My Kidnapper

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iesha By Iesha07 Completed

It's the last day of school. A day that's suppose to be relaxing, and happy. No more high school worries. No more type of mathematics. Just freedom. 

So why isn't Lizette happy? 

Her last day is filled with confusion, and eccentricity. Liz finally confesses to her longtime crush Tyler, and to see that he also likes her. How awesome is that?

But Liz sees herself being in contact with the same mysterious boy throughout the day. She goes from having the greatest  night she'll ever have, to passing out in the early hours of the morning.

Next thing she know, Lizette is handcuffed to a bedpost in a room that looks all to familiar to her, and is being forced to stay with a boy thay she knows nothing of. Until she sees that she knows this boy all too well.

Unfortunately too well. Someone she liked...and now loves.

And now she sees she's apart of an order that she thought she was fake. But reality hurts.

© Copyright Iesha07

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I have horrible social anxiety but as soon as I feel comfortable with someone I cannot stop talking but everyone says I’m a very likeable person just very shy
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