They Call Me Emo Girl

They Call Me Emo Girl

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Ash Driver By AshVonnDagger Updated Nov 14

I felt the blood run down my wrist as she squeezed my forearm. I winced and heard her laugh. 
"What are you going to do about it Emo Girl?" 
No one ever called her by her real name, if they even knew it. Ryder is always the target for abuse in her school. But with only 3 months left can she hang on, or is something bigger happening?

'I love the way we can relate to her'

'Your book is amazing I love reading it!!!'

'Update! pls this is my drug' 

'Ahh you need to update!! I love it!'

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So Me but I'm called Kay the Emo chick (Kay because that's my nickname)
I'm listening to knives and pens but Wretched and Devine is a cool song
JaxxQuinn JaxxQuinn Aug 29
As I'm listening to the album I see this...I LOVE HER...SHES MY SPIRIT ANIMAL
If you could send pics in the comments I would show what piercings I want
doctorgames doctorgames May 01
This is what I keep saying. Everyone always says "it's a good thing to be different" "we are all different" "difference is a good thing" but society instead shuns everyone that doesn't follow society's rules.
My sister always complains people call her Wendy, because she is ginger and I tell her I don't feel bad for her, because every day I dress like that she calls me an emo freak like its a bad thing and runs around the kitchen singing "SHE'S JUST ONE MORE EMO FREAK!"