Racer & the CEO

Racer & the CEO

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☯Ruh☯ By Havanah_Reverie Updated Jan 01

"Shh... Listen," He smirks and first there is no sound, but then his hand slide up my butt and squeeze it. I grasp and hold my breath for a second to hear the furious thumping against my rib cage. 

Shit. My heart. 

"I love the sound of you heartbeat...because it beats for me."


Aurelia Hargrave - a, not-so-ordinary, twenty-four year old girl who thrives on illegal Street racing and has all her hearts for the elfin little ones in her NGO - Child Care Centre, which she has been running since the age of eighteen. Weird combination? Well there is nothing in her life which is basic-bland-normal. Loosing her father in a heart attack when her mother ran away with another man, she was left with nothing but emptiness which echoed in her brain like the chains in a dungeon. She spends countless nights looking over the city at night, brooding about her existence, her life. Does she even belongs to this world or is just an acquaintance? And she hasn't found an answer yet. She is shattered and scarred, walls so high that even she cannot see over them. She is a weak hearted person who has build enduring and impenetrable walls around her because she doesn't trust anyone, maybe not even herself. 

Theodore Raymond-a twenty-seven year old remorseless steely CEO of Raymond Corporation, have had a rough childhood bearing the brutal assault of his father who aimed to make him the best businessman of the New York city, which he successfully is now. He is fierce and stony hearted soul playing with all the powers of the world resting on his finger tips. He has women throwing themselves at him but he believes that he has other important business to attend to than undignified discreditable damsels.  He respects women and stands confidently as a "man" who above these cheap entertainment. He loves his family deep within his core but his heart isn't open for stray,  idiotic human beings.