Avatar in Naruto *On Hold*

Avatar in Naruto *On Hold*

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Shikami Rikuta By senpai_desu Updated Jan 09

This girl, Kanade Kūjo, the Lightning Country's princess, also the youngest Avatar known, was sent to the Shinobi World on the her birthday by accident together with a test subject.

She had no idea where she was and she might even be stuck there forever! Follow Kanade in her journey deep into Naruto Shippuden and learning new things about the Shinobi World.

Kanade Kūjo is a very quiet girl and she looks very fragile. She is very lady-like and also very experienced. She was known for her convincing abilities.

She is very mature. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover pictures or anything in Naruto except Kanade and the plot.


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-Epicthy- -Epicthy- Apr 21, 2017
After reading these comments top to bottom I bursted out laughing
There are sooooooo much 'What about' it's kinda funny.😂😂😂
blind_and_beautiful blind_and_beautiful Aug 25, 2016
You know what singing means..... Some part of the story is going have her singing and everyone is going to be amazed and blah blah blah. Wondering whether or not I should even continue reading this...
HaniB2003 HaniB2003 Jan 18, 2016
So basically, she's super OP? She needs to have one flaw, some that her abilities compensate for, in my opinion,
senpai_desu senpai_desu Nov 15, 2014
@IndulgingIce-Cream Haha no one is childish! There are only people who are young at heart! :)
senpai_desu senpai_desu Nov 13, 2014
@IndulgingIce-Cream The whole point of my story, to make my main characters powerful! ;)