He's a Vampire ♡ NaLu ✔

He's a Vampire ♡ NaLu ✔

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Lucy Heartfilia's life was normal as a normal free lance writer who's living in Magnolia until she met Natsu Dragneel, a hunk who Lucy certainly has a thing for.

That night, after Lucy went shopping for groceries, she found a trail of blood down the alley.

She found--Natsu dripping in blood with a man dead in his hands..

started: 11.30.14
ended:   04.08.15

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Tbh I would be like: "0-0 OMG YOU'RE A VAMPIRE??!!.... I wish you were actually a Neko in disguise but THIS WORK TOO
I was 14 that time + that was the word I came up with (bec of Hercules)
So this is logic in fairy tail AND reality: See's a man holding a DEAD guy in his hands and he's dripping with blood, "oh I'm just going to stand there and watch because he TOTALLY won't just kill me :>" my god, RUN 😓
AngrySheep AngrySheep Jul 28
So I guess my next option is to Fall in Love with him 😒😒😒
AngrySheep AngrySheep Jul 28
Lol so much hate on one word 
                              But  seriously y the word hunk its just BLAH😬😬😬😷
Mmmm.....I love this part(sorry huge fan of nalu vampire fanfic) x)