He's a Vampire ♥ NaLu ✅

He's a Vampire ♥ NaLu ✅

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Lucy Heartfilia's life was normal as a normal free lance writer who's living in Magnolia until she met Natsu Dragneel, a hunk who Lucy certainly has a thing for.

That night, after Lucy went shopping for groceries, she found a trail of blood down the alley.

She found--Natsu dripping in blood with a man dead in his hands...

Where's Buffy? Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows who the hell Buffy is!
Of course. Natsu: the guy who fights anyone for no reason and accidentally kills them.
Joel_the_Shy_Neko Joel_the_Shy_Neko 2 days ago
I can't believe this actually makes sense but,
                              Better love story than Twilight. IM SORRY I HAD TO XDDDD
I have a thing for vampires.
                              😀👍   <-----never watched twilight
Nuuuu, I'm back in the freakin fandom :') [theres nothing wrong with being in this fandom]
                              I worked so hard to get out an I'm back in again  AAGGGHHHH!!!!
Did anyone read married at eighteen another story by this creator?