Being The Only Girl

Being The Only Girl

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Taylor grew up without knowing her mother ever since her mother died after giving birth to her. Taylor had to live with her father and two older brothers. They were of course, super protective of her. She never went out on a date because her brothers give the boys in school a clear warning of staying away from her. 

Jared is the spoiled child even though he's older. He is well-known in his hometown and he love every attention he gets. When his family decide to move to another city, Jared was devastated since he had load of memories there. He wasn't happy at his new home town until he met Taylor and took interest in her. 

Will Jared fight for Taylor or will he give up on her after the warning her brother gave him?

There's a lot of third parties involve. So let's see if the two actually end up together or nah. 

Read to find out. 
[P.S if this story sucks, well good luck to you all. hahaha]

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Ella_King_1 Ella_King_1 Aug 04, 2017
With me and my 3 older brothers and 4 younger, they never give me any love but my mum gives me all the love in the world being her only daughter out of 8 kids.
Ella_King_1 Ella_King_1 Aug 04, 2017
That's what I said to older brother when he asked about my first day and he was like how are you gonna pass English
MaeAbriellaBlack MaeAbriellaBlack Jun 23, 2016
Lol who else actually searched him up?... No one?. Ummm okay then. I'll just gooooo.