How we began (now published, so sample only)

How we began (now published, so sample only)

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Sandra By SandraCorton Completed

When Kayla McCrae was forced into a dare by her friends, she had no idea what she was in store for. They dragged her into the kissing booth and that was when her calm life turned crazy. 

Isaac Thornton had thought it would be great fun to man the kissing booth.  Of all the girls lined up that day, the only one that had him coming back for more was a surprise.
She was a nerdy girl in a grey cardigan. She seemed frumpy and boring against the girls he normally dated. The difference was that he could have kissed her forever; the spark between them was that intense. 

She disappeared into the school world and he couldn't find her. He couldn't believe how hard he was chasing after this girl that nobody but his sister knew.
He was normally the one that girls chased after, with his relationships lucky to last a week. Now this girl had him caught in her net but couldn't be found. He continued to search though.

What would to do with her when he finally found her?

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ajuren ajuren Dec 02, 2017
Lol... im the opposite all my friends are older than me.. the closest is 2 years older and i think the furthest is 6??🤔..  im not sure i stopped asking
AestheticCryBaby- AestheticCryBaby- Apr 01, 2017
I just face palmed into my bed 
                              I think I broke my nose
Rosalinda521 Rosalinda521 Aug 01, 2017
Wtf if your going to put this book here you have to put the whole story😟😖😧
ayelrh ayelrh Oct 17, 2016
I don't understand Haley it's her brothers she's talking about that's so weird
SugarLexi13 SugarLexi13 Sep 22, 2016
Wow. I'm surprised Hayley isn't barfing. Normally sisters would puke at the sight of one their their friends kiss their brother.
mermaidwhitidols mermaidwhitidols Sep 09, 2016
I love that she have glasses, is so weird to find a girl in wattpad with glasses and that make me feel so damn good🤓