IN | Harry Styles A.U.

IN | Harry Styles A.U.

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rosesforlove By rosesforlove Updated Apr 06

*Contains MATURE and EXPLICIT content*

"I like the butterfly tattoo the most." She held my chest in place, her fingers traced the tattoo I had, just above my abdomen.

"And why's that so?" I whispered, my eyes met hers, the emotions behind them made goosebumps rise on my skin.

I was so fucked.

"I like the way it shows that someone can be broken and free at the same time." She shifted so she could balance her weight in between my legs. "Just like you, Harry. Just like you."

Everyone needs a place of escape, whether it's in the mind or in the soul. Harry needed to get his mind free, leaving what he left behind was the only way he could deal with it.

But what happens when a solution has brown hypnotizing eyes and a personality to die for.

What if he realizes that solutions can turn to problems, and there's no way he can run from them anymore.

Especially when time seemed to tick faster.

Started: April 3rd, 2020