'Just' Brothers

'Just' Brothers

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hiddlesworth By hiddlesworth Updated Feb 04, 2014

     Loki sat at the foot of his bed, a book in hand as he carelessly spoke the words mentally in his distant mind. He was having trouble concentrating on account of some other thoughts he had. As if to make things worse, a knock came upon his chamber doors. "Whom?" Loki asked with a cold tone. There was  a silence. "Whom?" Loki asked louder, his brows heavy over his eyes with annoyance. "The king wishes to speak to you immediately." 

     Loki let out a heavy sigh, setting his book aside as he stood, straightening out his clothing before slowly making his way to his chamber door, heaving it open with a careless advance. His footsteps echoed as he advanced towards the grand hall, giving little to no attention of the guards that stared at him skeptically. Loki kept his right hand in his pocket, keeping hold of the amulet he held firmly in his grasp.

     He entered the large hall, Odin in his rightful place as king, on his throne. Loki's eyes darted to the blond prince standing beside...

That happens to me except that I have to go to my fuckin' door
                              am I the only one who after reading that word a few times In a row,  I read it as " wom?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I'd pay big money to observe those two as they try to live a normal human life. Like seriously, I mean big money XD
I didn't actually think that Thorki was an actual ship... O.o
- - Jun 05, 2016
When loki comes in England he would be like: why does everybody sound like me???
BobbyTheWerewolf BobbyTheWerewolf Sep 08, 2016
This is a good idea!!! Did you switch povs at the end of the chapter????