Beg ✟ h.s. au (M)

Beg ✟ h.s. au (M)

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j. [on hiatus-ish] By sillystylesxx Completed

Church boys know how to pray, but do they know how to beg? 


contains mature content such as sexual activities, sacrilegious comments, swearing, and other trigger topics. read at your own risk.

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I'm a Christian and I'm reading this cause I'm trying to get triggered but like what makes her think she can get a church bot when IVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A CHURCH BOY FOR YEARS LIKE UGHBVFSHJKHFRSWAAHKKKOHDFDD
nyxken nyxken 5 days ago
We, horny fucks, are surely going to Hell. God would look us in the eye and He'll go, "Ah, this one read too much smut while on Earth, sell her soul to Satan"
id slowly take off his tie and trench coat and he'll make his iconic confused face
for the love of God I shouldn't be reading this on a sunday mornin but here I am
GET THE HOLY WATER IM GONNA NEED IT AFTER THIS BOOK. *whispers* I needed before I read this book
xpostace xpostace Aug 28
Our father, who art in heaven
                              Hallowed be thy name
                              Thy kingdom come 
                              Thy will be done (😏)
                              On earth as it is in heaven 
                              Give us today our daily D
                              And forgive us, our trespasses 
                              As we forgive those who trespass against us
                              And lead is not into temptation
                              But deliver us to the D