Beg ✟ h.s. au (M)

Beg ✟ h.s. au (M)

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j. [on hiatus-ish] By sillystylesxx Completed

Church boys know how to pray, but do they know how to beg? 


contains mature content such as sexual activities, sacrilegious comments, swearing, and other trigger topics. read at your own risk.

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Sonia_SY Sonia_SY Dec 29, 2017
One way ticket to hell, babe. You'll be riding first class with the devil.
bratfordaddy bratfordaddy Dec 15, 2017
I would have died if i saw him do his morning runs shirtless fück i’m imaging it
bratfordaddy bratfordaddy Dec 15, 2017
man i need holy water and a holy book smfh. the things i would do to harry if i could wowowow im going to hell. SEE  Y’ALL THERE
bratfordaddy bratfordaddy Dec 15, 2017
this girl can end lifes and not give a damn shït. I FÜCKING LOVE HER.
louiet92 louiet92 3 hours ago
Dude that is my two best friends birthdays. MINE IS MARCH 6TH
grapetrees grapetrees Nov 19, 2017
I'm already choking on holy water and it's barely the second paragraph