Frozen Flames (Book 1 of the Flaming Series)

Frozen Flames (Book 1 of the Flaming Series)

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It is the only thing in the world that Beatrix is scared of. The only thing that haunts her nightmares. The one thing she tries to avoid.

The UDH.

A deadly virus that takes over the planet. Suddenly, Beatrix, and everyone else, are forced to go into isolation, never allowed to leave the safety of their homes. The doors of all houses are locked from the outside, to take extra measure.

But one day Beatrix's door swings open and she receives a message. A message telling her to run and survive, or at least to try to. A message that says that the world will never be the same.

And once Beatrix steps outside her house, she begins to wish she had stayed inside. For surrounding her, engulfing her in its ice cold and, at the same time, burning flames, is fire, everywhere she looks.

And once her path crossed with a certain boy's her already altered life, will change even more. For only once you start to trust someone, are you the most vulnerable to get your heart broken.

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