Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound

Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound

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I'm not a nerd by the way. I only look like one. I am under disguise as a nerd.

I wouldn't be acting so weak and timid just for any reason.

These guys are lucky I'm laying low or else they'd be crying back to their mommas.

I seriously hate school sometimes.

Do you know what I hate more?

When some guy comes and ruins my disguise? Then, throw in some Family drama and people after my life.

Goodbye Nerd Disguise, hello old identity,old life, old friends, and new enemies. 


FYI title may be misleading at first. The title is subject to change; the date of change TBD!!

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SP4RKLE101 SP4RKLE101 2 days ago
I OWN THISS!!! YASSS 😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😍😍😍
Omg lol I just remember i have hmw😂😂😂😂👋👋👋👋
PinterestChic PinterestChic 2 days ago
Can someone reply to this comment, I'm feeling lonely ☹️
books4ry books4ry a day ago
Nice to hear all your school stories guys ^^^^ super entertaining 😂👏🏽
thepoopishere thepoopishere 7 days ago
She wants me to move with her and be home schooled 4 years ago but I didn't and now I live with my fiance and my brothers
amber-evie amber-evie a day ago
Teachers in my school have enough trouble with around 30 kids in a class let alone 270