My Bully Adopted Me: Ray Ray Love Story ❤ (Season 1)  *EDITING*

My Bully Adopted Me: Ray Ray Love Story ❤ (Season 1) *EDITING*

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Friends, Best friends, now Enemies. Lovers? That seems way out of the question. Cat Young and Rayan Lopez were best friends, but suddenly broke apart. Ever since then, its been all hell for Cat. After all the things she's been through, being adopted was the last thing on her mind. But what happens when she finds out it's her bully? Will things go well, or fall apart even more?

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Nigga a "little fun" must be us going to church and serving the Lord
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My black ass is reading this 5 whole years after it came out 😂😂😂
stmxr__ stmxr__ Aug 09, 2016
I feel you, I hate it when people lie on me and others don't believe me.
                              I just ignore it, and keep moving on.
3y3less_J4ck_lovr15 3y3less_J4ck_lovr15 Oct 12, 2016
It would be on right there right then like mortal combat ROUND ONE FIGHT! even when my guy friends play slap me they know they better run damn