The Only One He Couldn't Have ✔

The Only One He Couldn't Have ✔

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Nami is a seventeen year old orphan who was adopted from an all girls home in Battle Ground, Washington when she was six. She has never really fit in because of her amethyst colored eyes and she always finds herself trapped within her own thoughts of escaping the world around her. Nami is hospitalized when she selflessly jumps between a car and a young girl where she begins to see glimpses of a man with haunting golden eyes. Before she realizes what is going on she is whisked away from Earth, by three vampires, to Karmathor, a safe haven for immortal beings.

I wrote this when I was 16, so please forgive me if it is not as good as my current works. >.<

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#30 in Vampire
#110 in Fantasy
#24 in Paranormal

mina1403 mina1403 Mar 12, 2016
I'd trip her on her way past and punch her pretty face all over the bus.
ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 Apr 27, 2016
I'm confused, this girl has amnesia?  Was she adopted as a child?
mina1403 mina1403 Oct 16, 2016
Why would you even bother to adopt someone to treat them like that?
Succubi have always been one of my favourite in mythology, I just find them really weird but interesting
Gelle101 Gelle101 May 31, 2016
Meh, she was deliberately ignoring him. He's frustrated with her. What did she think he'd say?
Dreamers_wishes Dreamers_wishes May 23, 2016
😱how dare u make my friend cry! I will hunt u down boy!!😡😡