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Anish O Cornel By Anish777 Completed

Beyond the Hadryan alp, as far as the Middle East, a kingdom is re-born -a kingdom once famous for beauty, honour and glory. Stripped of its primordial form, by a devious pact wrought in the heart of Hades itself, old Argon dies, and all that is left of her is an imprint of grave darkness, bearing the foul breath of hell. The early hours of her reincarnation witness the rise of devils from the earth's foetus by whose fist vampires and lycanthropes rule fiercely while the sons of the great giants of old- the seeds of Anak and Zamzummim- roam the land wastefully. Denatured by the stench of hell and the curse of heaven, Argon becomes the monster that terrifies every kingdom, far and near.

Confronted by this force, which threatens to possess every kingdom around her, Lord Quadrack, the Third, orders the finest of his soldiers- or knights, as they were called- to rid the land of the evil thereof and also restore it back to order. So, for the first time, the Hadryan soldiers, led by Higlac, the Valorous, will face a force they know nothing about, especially in a land that has become accursed.

Riding valiantly out of the Hadryan alp, Higlac and his soldiers soon meet their worst nightmare, battling a legion of monsters, clothed in the phantom of a traipsing gale. They only hit the passing wind not knowing what they hit. Unfortunately in their vanity, they are taken down one after the other till none is left to tell the story. 

After such an appalling debacle, a new army of knight is commissioned for the purge of Argon. 

From this point, the real adventure begins, replete with gory scenes, powerful actions, romantic tease, clanging swords, battle formations, stratagems, shrills and battle cry. 

Here is the best moment of 'cinematographic' writing you would not want to miss.