When the Sun Falls (Transformers Fic)

When the Sun Falls (Transformers Fic)

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He was arrogant, he was cruel at times, his words cut through me like glass. I was weak, disgusting, and nothing more than a meat bag in his optics. Yet why do I stay? Why do I help him? Why do I stand up for him? Protect him?

Why do I love him?

Sunstreaker was always avoided by his fellow Autobots excluding his twin Sideswipe. He was known for his harsh and cruel words, his arrogance, and his selfishness. All that mattered to him was his twin and himself. Everything else he couldn't give two frags about, especially humans. To him they were disgusting, loathsome beings. The way they breathed, eat, lived, reproduced, and pretty much everything about humans disgusted him. How does he take it when a human femme is forced into his care?

Let's just say he was not at all happy.
(The awesome cover is done by TheCatchersEye)

Hey this is future me rereading this guys 
                              I'm preparing myself a box of tissues a blanket and snack along the way so let's do this
Funny story author this is my 3 or 4 time reading your book can't wait for next update I really love all the details you put into your story so good job
DolphinDazzle DolphinDazzle Sep 05, 2014
Awesome so far! I woke up early this morning an spent an hour reading this book in bed, thinking that I should go downstairs, but it's too amazing to stop!