Anorexia || lashton

Anorexia || lashton

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5SOSislifebasically By 5SOSislifebasically Updated May 14, 2015

the thing with broken clocks is
you can always tell 
when they stopped ticking

with people it isn't so easy
and sometimes
you can't even tell

they're broken.


We don't really have popular kids on my school.... Just a bunch of jerks who act like they are but no one pays attention to them lmao. (This is my experience tho)
I don't want to ruin the moment but wtf is bafflement it sounds so funny ahahah😂😂
*breathing heavily even though I'm rereading for like the 8494701th time*
00xxkatexx00 00xxkatexx00 Nov 06, 2015
That is literally me I'm popular but don't know how, have A's in almost every class, wavy hair, glasses, and English is my first period (I also hate it with a burning passion).
dazzedd dazzedd Jul 21, 2015
love it! and luke you're not even close to fat you're skinny babe -.-
misty345 misty345 Nov 11, 2014
guess what - blink came on as i finished reading the chapter...