Anorexia || lashton

Anorexia || lashton

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5SOSislifebasically By 5SOSislifebasically Updated May 14, 2015

the thing with broken clocks is
you can always tell 
when they stopped ticking

with people it isn't so easy
and sometimes
you can't even tell

they're broken.


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In 4th-5th grade I was bullied for liking older shows not newer shows, I even got punched
- - Jun 27
"My body was okay, but not great, and I always wore band tees. Why do I even have friends?" Sam but like I haven't been to a friend's house since november... it's Late June rn
stxnbrough stxnbrough Apr 17
once in science my two of my friends were working out in the hallway (bc it's more fun than the classroom) and i was standing behind my other friends and i looked to make sure the teacher wasn't looking and i left the classroom and i heard my friend Sydney laugh and say "did you just see Ali?"
- - Jun 26
Love blink. 5sos cover to I miss you is the best thing that has ever happened to me
Me except I'm that creepy girl that stares at you from a far😬
fadingIight fadingIight Jul 26, 2016
We don't really have popular kids on my school.... Just a bunch of jerks who act like they are but no one pays attention to them lmao. (This is my experience tho)