Still Obsessed

Still Obsessed

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Ruby Rose By ___Rubyyy___ Updated Aug 06

| Book 2 of the Obsessed series |

Pepper continues to ride his lover, his hand harshly gripping Cade's neck. "You're mine. Forever."

(Bxb) Three years later. It's hard, they're struggling, and they're all still best friends.

It's one problem after another, the brothers can only keep things beneath the surface for so long, they managed fine in high school, but the disturbing truth has to come out sooner or later and their past comes back to haunt them, putting their friends and loved ones in immense danger.

Pepper's anxiety worsens but so does his behavior as he's the one to catch an obsession over Cade when a gorgeous woman suddenly appears into the picture. He acts out in the worst ways possible out of sickening jealousy and possessiveness and it only draws his partner away.

Not to mention, Keegan is still sick and Franki is sacrificing eveything for him, even his sanity. Tatiana is a workaholic while Jenny deals with drug addiction. Alan is heavily bullied and Luca's mother has an abusive boyfriend. But at least Steve is still a star football player, except Chloe is no longer what he wants when she tells him a big secret of her own.