In an alternate universe...(gumlee)

In an alternate universe...(gumlee)

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the thirteenth doctor By T3ARFUL Completed

Suddenly the door behind me hits me propelling me forward in to me knees. While I shake my head to clear the dizziness away I hear a high pitched but definitely male voice apologize for hitting me. As a turn around a see a tall skinny boy wearing pink skinny jeans,pink shoes and a tye-dyed LGBT shirt tied on the side so u can see a thin strip of skin over his right hip. On his side is a pink satchel. As I look at his face a can't help but stare. He has an amazing jaw line and picture perfect lips.

Marshall lee and Gumball meet on the first day of high school in an accident. Almost immediately Marshall Lee begins to pick on him. Marshall decides that Gumball will be his victim this year. 

Yes, they live in an alternative universes but when they end up getting to know each other better will they realize that maybe their universes aren't so alternate after all...

adriadez adriadez Oct 24
Omg i love your outfit it has ny two favorite colors red and black!
An adventure of being bullied around,being late to class,getting yelled at for no reason,having detention for no reason at all,having disgusting lunch, and lot and lots of unnecessary homework. Wait I just described my school day:/
Come2meh Come2meh Jul 02
@Waka_na אלכרצון אלי תחבא חחחחח כד לק צבוב עליה✌
Thats me in the morning except instead of my alarm it MY PHONE VIBRATING ITS ASS OF FROM ALL MY FREAKIN NOTIFICATIONS
How much more obvious can you be than wearing a lgbt shirt....