In an alternate universe...(gumlee)

In an alternate universe...(gumlee)

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Suddenly the door behind me hits me propelling me forward in to me knees. While I shake my head to clear the dizziness away I hear a high pitched but definitely male voice apologize for hitting me. As a turn around a see a tall skinny boy wearing pink skinny jeans,pink shoes and a tye-dyed LGBT shirt tied on the side so u can see a thin strip of skin over his right hip. On his side is a pink satchel. As I look at his face a can't help but stare. He has an amazing jaw line and picture perfect lips.

Marshall lee and Gumball meet on the first day of high school in an accident. Almost immediately Marshall Lee begins to pick on him. Marshall decides that Gumball will be his victim this year. 

Yes, they live in an alternative universes but when they end up getting to know each other better will they realize that maybe their universes aren't so alternate after all...

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Br0kenY0uth Br0kenY0uth Dec 30, 2017
Morning routine:
                              Wake up
                              Go back to sleep
                              Suffer through the rest of my day
BlackNotestrings BlackNotestrings Jul 12, 2017
Hi! And I liked it a lot so far even though it's just the first chapter.
pandalover318 pandalover318 Nov 07, 2017
There is an option to put text under your alarm. Mine said WAKE UP PIECE OF SHUT YOU GOT TO GO TO SCHOOL/HELL. I laugh every time and i feel more awake.
_a_kitchen_sink_ _a_kitchen_sink_ Dec 11, 2017
Yo, waddup. My names Jared, I'm 19, and I never fu--in learnt how to read.
KawaiiChild_04 KawaiiChild_04 Sep 16, 2017
Oh my glib me. I have i hard mattress a black backpack and groan whenever i have to go to school. And a desk but its an old white one.
Link_The_Archer Link_The_Archer Oct 24, 2017
I like that name. 
                              I know a Rachel. She's a kind of a jerk, and I think she's a lesbian.