Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee

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Anny Borg By annyborg Updated Apr 29

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Makoto's suffocating while trying to hold back much of who he is to not be "too much". Or worse: be seen as a stalker. Yet his current boyfriend doesn't seem to be happy and wants Makoto to restrain himself, and Makoto knows this relationship will hall apart sooner rather than later. But is there really not anyone out there who could just accept him as he is?

Arata puts his work as a crossdressing server at a café first, and he'll be the first to tell people he does. Despite (or perhaps because of) his honesty, his boyfriends break up with him after a few weeks, or months at best. Or perhaps they're bothered by the other thing. That he can't feel love the same way they do.

Tea and Coffee is a side story to Beyond the Horizon, set a few years prior.

Note: The timeline for Beyond the Horizon and Tea and Coffee is different than ours, as both are set in the same universe as my other stories (excluding When the World Falls, I'll be Safe From the Wrath of God). The time in this novel and Beyond the Horizon corresponds to approximately the same level of technology as we have now.