Uncover → Transformers

Uncover → Transformers

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Seventeen year old Azalea Lennox has wanted nothing more than for her father to return safely home from war. She finally gets what she wants but also acquires much more than she expects. Her life starts to take a drastic change when she comes into contact with a certain Autobot, though she is completely oblivious to the secret that he, along with everyone else has been hiding from her. 

Azalea faces many tough obstacles in the span of just a few months. Questions are asked, relationships are tested, secrets are revealed, and lives are lost. 

What happens when she finally uncovers the truth? Will she be able to handle it, or will it cost Azalea her life?

*Ironhide Bayverse Fanfiction*

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers or anything affiliated with Transformers. I only own my original characters and plots. All rights go to Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Hasbro.

- Puts on sunglasses - theme music plays! Me: We got decepticons to hunt!
Stab them to death with an ipod good one!!! Im dying here!!!
EverlastPrime EverlastPrime Dec 17, 2015
I do this with my mom, my response is always "'thanks mom but who do I get it from?" Then we both laugh
-thrylos -thrylos Oct 04, 2015
                              WHAT IVE DONE 
                              I FACED MYSELF
                              TO CROSS OUT 
                              WHAT IVE BECOME
                              ERASE MYSELF!!!!
lucysheartfilia lucysheartfilia Jun 24, 2015
I applaud her. It usually takes my mom coming in my room and telling me that breakfast is ready for me to get up
-gracefulwings -gracefulwings Jun 23, 2015
I read this in his voice in my head and died laughing. I could totally picture Lennox saying this. X'D