JulietXJuliet (girlxgirl) A Love Hate Relationship

JulietXJuliet (girlxgirl) A Love Hate Relationship

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YurikoHime By YurikoHime Updated Sep 15, 2014

Move over Romeo and Juliet, Roma and Julie has come to town. 

Julie: I have a personal history with her. We were placed in the same kindergarten and she ripped my artwork when we were 5 years old. In turn, I bit her. Hey, what was I supposed to do? I was 5! Give me a break.

Roma: We met when we were 5 in kindergarten. I fucking hated her cute artwork. It was too nice, so I tore it apart. The bitch got back by biting me! Can you believe that?! Her sharp teeth left a mark on my neck! She sucked it too and unknowingly gave me a hickey. Wtf right?

Warning: This book contains sexual scenes that are not suitable for young viewers. If you're not comfortable with girl to girl love story, then I bid you goodbye.

AlyGhaea_GG AlyGhaea_GG 4 days ago
I just realized...my science teacher's name is Roma
                              This is weird
All you need to solve this problem is duct tape, a rope, a knife and a good lawyer.
Aw man I thought it was a fist fight and I wanted to be the ref 😩 *puts away ref hat and shirt and whistle*
iIGlyphIi iIGlyphIi 6 days ago
Seriously all I hear when this bish talks is just the faint chanting of the fandom going "hate sex! Hate sex, hate sex!"
😂the moment you know that actual people do.this because of your sister and her boyfriend
                              That's probably only Knowledge to me 😂
CrystalEsM CrystalEsM Jul 31
hell i dont even remember what i was doin when i was 5 years old