The One

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lovexxhate By lovexxhate Updated a year ago
Paige Westfield is the average nerd. She is the plain girl with few friends. She is the girl whose parents are never really around to keep her sane. One day Paige gets into a wreck and it is going to change her life. The driver of the other car is a furious, sexy man who will be the one to change Paige's normal life if she lets him.
That's not the message! She's simply explaining character traits.
I have a feeling one of her parents are going to have an affair. 
                                    I don't know, I'm just getting this vibe that it will happen (perhaps I'm wrong but who knows).
Okay, so we have to be blonde and blue eyes to be pretty? That's a pretty sh*tty message to send to some younger readers.
I have like a light brown with natural blonde highlights, with brown eyes :(
@iloveamie cool even though I'm not sure about the green hair
I have green grey eyes, and sandy dark brown hair with red tones. It's really weird haha