The Lunatic Mafia Got Me Pregnant 18+

The Lunatic Mafia Got Me Pregnant 18+

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Butterflylover By hana97100 Updated Aug 05, 2017

Grabbing her soft cheeks as he leaned in closer to kiss her cherry red lips that got his mind going crazy every time he touches them.

Caressing her face with both of his hands he moved his tongue inside her mouth while he nibbled on her lips.

After their 2 minutes make out session Glitter had to push Sebastiano away for some oxygen.

"Sorry, I forgot that you had to breathe." He gave her his signature smirk

"No shit Sherlock." Glitter said sarcastically

Warning: Sexual content (RATED-R) Contains sex-scenes and strong language    Thank you for being interested

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_jay_005 _jay_005 Mar 25, 2018
Thanks for the first story that I have had the pleasure of reading were people don't make out on the same day they meet
patties_cakes_boo patties_cakes_boo Apr 06, 2018
Ur stupid y would u say that bruh Omertà means nothing then to u😧smh
patties_cakes_boo patties_cakes_boo Apr 06, 2018
No shade tho, but isn't it weird to name yo kid glitter cuz I'm just thinking of sparkles😂
Trap_goddesses Trap_goddesses Mar 26, 2017
She should buy a corvette and a Camero then ship it to my address
mandi_m94 mandi_m94 Jun 20, 2016
I've always wanted to help edit a book! Let me know if you still want help. :)
JozlynnCarson JozlynnCarson Jan 04, 2017
I know that English isn't your first language so I thought I'd tell you that you should replace those with that to make it proper grammar ( just thought you'd like to know)😘😄