Ditchinq BootCamp With My Best Friend

Ditchinq BootCamp With My Best Friend

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_xQueenC By _xQueenC Updated Mar 13, 2011

Chapter One: Ditchinq BootCamp With My Best Friend

Roca's Pov

''Roca,I do not understand how you could do such a thinq?! I raised you to be proper and a lady. And yet,you continue to qo lookinq for trouble? And,oh do not even qet me started on those boys you hanq around with! They're nothinq but trouble Roca. I told you to stay away from them!'' My mom scolded me.

''Mom,I'm sorry okay! This isn't their fault. It's mine. I don't qo lookinq for trouble! It just kinda follows me!'' I said.

Mom rolled her eyes and walked back to her room. I dropped my head. Danq, why does she always have to yell at me? Just because I'm not Perfect like my twin brother, Alex. Or smart and classy like my older sister Ashley. 

I like to have fun. And no one in this house,other than Georqe our butler, knows how to have fun. I swear to qod,I would not have made it to 17 years in this house with Georqe. Georqe is British,and he's really funny. He says and does stupid stuff to make me lauqh. I love it when h...

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