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Just Be With Me (BWWM)

Just Be With Me (BWWM)

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missBooksiexo By missBooksiexo Updated Feb 15

"Just be with me..." He breathed finally. His eyes desperately searched mine, looking for an answer.

"I... can't." I looked away. I didn't want to hurt him, and the look that he was giving me proved just that. 

"Why not?" 


"Because what?" He made me look at him, not accepting that as a final answer. 'Because,' I wanted to say. 'because I'm black and you're white, and we can't be together.'

"It's complicated," I said instead, but Myles wasn't an idiot, he knew exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes, I felt like he knew me better than anyone else, better than myself. 

A sort of angry look crossed his expression, and he looked like he wanted to say something. He looked like he wanted to say a lot of things, but instead, he nodded to himself and chuckled humorously. 

"Complicated..." He trailed off.

"Just be with me."  The action sounds so simple and easy, but things become far from easy when Angela meets Myles.  Angela Morsan is a beautiful girl who seems to have the whole world in her palm.  But when she starts to take an interest in the new "white boy," Myles Davis, she'll soon realize that her world is not what she thought it was. 

Before Angela knows it, she's running around, living a double life. She finds herself juggling with two hearts. 

With her boyfriend, James, she's who everyone expects her to be- who everyone wants to be. But with Myles, she just is, and being with him feels so right. 

But Myles will only stand on the side for so long, and before it's too late, she'll have to decide whether to go with her heart... or her peers.

- - - - - 
Just Be With Me - #323 in Teen Fiction 12/4/16

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Kapryya_ Kapryya_ Jan 16
Shoot in my school if your popular and wear sweatpants or something they won't really care cause if you're cute you're cute and sweatpants won't change how you look
I go to a majority black school, and there's some white people, but they just fit right in. We don't treat them any different and vice versa. There literally just people with a light skin completion  lol😂 it's not the big of a deal.
Rosaonizuka Rosaonizuka Sep 07, 2016
There's really only black people?? What kinda school is that 😓
Rubia___ Rubia___ Sep 11, 2016
Popular+ Fake bîtçh + hœ+ thinking that I'm better than everyone and prettier = NOT ME I rather stay in the shadows c: 🤓🤓🤓 I must not be known
Angelbooklove Angelbooklove Dec 06, 2016
We don't have popular at my school we all just act like dumb fools and can pass the test at the same time
Rubia___ Rubia___ Sep 11, 2016
"Talking to English teacher about grades" please more like fūçkįñg hêr ûp 😱😂😂😂