Forcefully Yours [Major Editing]

Forcefully Yours [Major Editing]

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'She was the one who brought colour into life, all the hues of bright luminescent colours that only he could see.'


[Book 1 of The Wedding Series]

 She thought it was the end. Not only was her fortune so twisted, but she believed that it couldn't get worse. 

 When she has to marry Hudaifa, she thought everything was going to go dipping into ruin, yet she doesn't know how such a knot knit up by force could be so charismatic. 


A/N: Force marriage is forbidden in Islam. So please don't take this the wrong way. It is only considered a marriage until both groom and bride give their consent. Not forcefully, by will  :)


You may find many grammatical and spelling errors, so read if you like.

(The sequel to this book is already out!)

***Cover made by me :)***

Copyright. All rights reserved © 2017 by SeekingGuidance

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Tammzz Tammzz Jan 20, 2017
MashaAllah. I'm in love with your descriptive writing style. It's gotten me hooked right away.
xoxaysha xoxaysha Dec 17, 2015
poor girl...any1 ever had that moment when 5ou think 4heee fictional characters are real?
-bless- -bless- Aug 01, 2015
Okay, I just have to say that your writing style is wonderful Ma Shaa Allah!
aminabooks aminabooks Jul 29, 2015
I think I've already mentioned how great your writing style is. Love the descriptions.
LendMeATiara LendMeATiara May 28, 2015
ya Allah, we must thank All Mighty every day for what thee has done for us
nameuluv nameuluv May 09, 2015
Isn't Hudaifa a girls name I have a cousin and her name is Hudaifa