Between Us.

Between Us.

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As we all know, 31-year-old Rikki Santana was never a stranger to taking her clothes off in front of a crowd to make a few dollars. 

But there is something that she's a stranger too; and that's being a new mother. 

It's been almost two years since the whole embarrassing scene in which she admitted to sleeping with her best friend's husband and her boss at the same time. With one end result coming from the messy situation. 

She has a little girl to care for. 

And of course, when you have no idea if your boss or your best friend's husband is the one who fathered your child- problems are bound to arise. 

*10 part sequel to 'Between You, Him & I.'*
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  • interracial
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KeCake KeCake Jun 13
No Stephen didn't want anything to do with u after u chose Luis
Nobody told her to sleep with to men and not use protection!
It takes two to tango but hey... you were her best friend... that's like her husband was fooling around with family which is LOW as hell
Triplem03 Triplem03 Jun 26, 2016
I feel so bad for that baby because of the choices her mother made!
LaQuinta1432 LaQuinta1432 Sep 13, 2014
This Is So Good XD. It's So Sad Thts She All Alone & Being A Single Mother
--Gxne --Gxne Sep 13, 2014
Update!! And she should tell Stephen Luis could just kick rocks really lol