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franksenpai By franksenpai Completed

Libraries are the places where the most amazing stories begin. Some have the happiest ending, and some have the saddest; but Gerard's never experienced any of this. Not until one quirky guy walked into the library Gerard worked at.

Frank is a peculiar boy to just look at; he wears etnies during winter and he's always got his nose buried in a book. He seems to be the perfect match for Gerard; he's talkative, smart and really pretty. And he likes him back. The only catch is, Frank's not as human as he seems.

Same Gerard and my mom hates it because my room is legit overrun with books, I ran out of space on my shelves and book cases and now they're in stacks on the floor
Books do smell good, and it's wonderful when you get a book with pages just the right texture. But fingers? Well whatever you say Gerard, whatever you say.
painkinks painkinks Feb 25
me, every time my friend suggests I get a girls number (and half the time I never shut up abt the girl)
all i can think of is ryan ross and the damn vanilla deodorant he was talking about at the end of live in denver
frnkierono frnkierono Feb 26
antigone or...? one of the ones in the series? which book by sophocles? I GOTS TA KNO!
me when I move out except I'll have 4 cats and I'll name them after the fabulous killjoys and no oNE CAN STOP ME