Happy Lowmans  stripper girl with a secret ... shh she's a psycho

Happy Lowmans stripper girl with a secret ... shh she's a psycho

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giaan_bayley By giaan_bayley Updated Nov 28, 2020

I have not updated I'm just editing because I can t spell but I will try and update after that see if I can get on a roll (I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK SO IF ANYBODY HAS A IDEA OF WHAT I SHOULD WRITE NEXT LET ME NOW UNTIL THEN THERE WILL BE NO UPDATES THANKYOU AND I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO YOU FOR YOUR IDEA XXX)

Everybody in the small town of charming know about the tocoma Killa and club psycho Happy Lowman from sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club also known as soa or samcro. What happens when a girl that is half Italian and half Spanish rolls into charming on a Harley Davidson iron 883 looking for work its no surprise that when she gives a resume to teller-morrow automotive and there local strip joint in charming she gets both jobs because not only does she know her way around a pole she also knows her way around any engine. Her name is onyx Mackenzie Jordan. And this is Happy Lowman stripper girl with a secret xxx

Please be aware this is my first story and I'm bad at spelling feel free to leave messages and feed back will be appreciated I only speak English so I used google translate sorry if it is wrong 

WARNING MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT INVOLVED *swearing sexual conduct read at your own risk and don't report if you don't like don't read or skip I will try give warnings when it happens*
Ps i don't own the sons of anarchy characters they belong to Kurt Sutter I own all other characters used unless otherwise mentioned. Starts pre season one with the exception that tara is all ready with jax will eventually have some of the time line better incorporated later in the book.