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Siva (Volume 1) The Legend Of The Destroyer

Siva (Volume 1) The Legend Of The Destroyer

326K Reads 15.4K Votes 36 Part Story
John Ethan Reddcliffe By JE_Reddcliffe Completed

Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an adventure that will take you on the journey behind the legend of one of the most beloved stories ever told!

Volume 1 of the Siva Light Novel Series
Rex is a talented young adult, prodigy, genius, and a charismatic young leader. His world is what you'd call peaceful until an accident changed his and his baby brother's life forever. Without money, in a body torn apart by the tragic accident, to save his brother in a coma, Rex jumps out of the frying pan and goes straight to the fire as the deal with a devil brought him into a world of war and tragedy, where people go looking for adventures but come out as warriors battling monsters and greedy foes. This is a story of triumph, adventure, trust, and deception in the Virtual World called Terroa, as seen from the eyes who created the legend behind the greatest villain ever known —The Destroyer.


"...a definite page turner..."

"...I was breathless! I read it so fast, I held my breath!"

"I'm really hooked!"

" the action and drama."

"When it says it's a legend, then it's really a legend!"

"LEGEN... *wait for it* ...DARY! HAHAHAHA..."

"It's a brand new physics of heroism! A must read!"

"Explosive action from page 1 to end!"

"Once you start, you'll never stop! Definitely worth the read!"

"Just a heads up, it's a WIIIIIIIIIIILLLDD RIDE!! Hahahaha"

This story is divided into volumes and subdivided into chapters. May contain mature contents, including, nudity, violence, profane langue, references to offensive topics, and even view of modern morality.

Reader's discretion is advised.
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Redikai Redikai Feb 09, 2016
I love when people point out mistakes most of the time my brain autocorrects mistakes while I read so it's always fun to see the mistakes I skip over
Spardavirx Spardavirx Mar 30, 2016
This story is very much like parallel...I think parallel is better though
ZankTheGreat ZankTheGreat Jul 09, 2016
Should be "is" instead of "are", unless it's changed to, "Not all heroes are born to save worlds.".
This is kinda a coy of Parallel.... almost exctly like it.  Although,  Parallel is better.
MannDrake MannDrake Dec 14, 2016
Man's struggle with life is a losing battle. And in this game battle has become futile.  I like it.
Spardavirx Spardavirx Mar 30, 2016
This story is very much like parallel...I think parallel is better though