100 DAYS WITH HIM | Regulus Black

100 DAYS WITH HIM | Regulus Black

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❝ why do you keep shutting me out? "

"because you make me feel more alive than i've ever been before, and it goes against everything they ever told me about you ❞

                                                ♛ ♛ ♛

Even before Lennon Cleverley was born, everyone knew she was born to shine as bright as the sun. She liked to believe that she grew up as the happiest kid in the neighborhood with loving parents who danced barefoot to The Beatles in their living room. Everything was going extravagantly well for Lennon, until her parents passed away from a place crash. Left alone with her older sister, the two have no choice but to live with a distant relative of theirs. The years go by, and as each of them turn 16, they're kicked out one by one to start their own lives. Her sister managed to get a job out in Ireland to help save up money for Lennon's university fees, while Lennon found a flat for her to stay at which is at a walking distance to school. 

The only problem is that the rent is a little too steep, and the landlord's only option to her is if she can manage to find a flat mate to split the costs. 

Luckily for Lennon, she just so happened to run right into a peculiar boy named Regulus Black who needed a place to hide (even if it means having to temporarily live with a Muggle girl who smiles like she's never felt pain before and loves like she's never been left alone before.)